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New Car Daihatsu Ayla Indonesia Price

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New Car Daihatsu Ayla Indonesia Price  - Daihatsu Ayla cheap car made ​​by the people of Indonesia. The design of this car was able to defeat the result of car design from France, Italy and Japan.

Daihatsu Ayla is a 5-passenger city car is not only good on the exterior but also the interior.

The exterior, the front lights for example. There are some designers who give large head lamp. But it gives the impression of a small, but with great effect.

The interior, for example in doortrim. The sector is 'shape' (curved) so that the hand can be placed on the back and side comfort are also important factors.

Her body is built of plate size of 0.7 mm and 0.6 mm. For the cheapest types may not be available range of standard features air conditioning, audio, power windows and power steering.

To spur the kitchen, both of which are likely to be driven by the engine capacity of 1,000 cc 3-cylinder 1KR-coded DE claimed a new engine developed for the people of Indonesia.

For Astra Daihatsu Ayla top types use 3-cylinder 1,000 cc engine 5 speed automatic transmission with alloy rim ring 14 for the front and rear size 175/65.

The braking system uses disc brakes in front and drum rear. The car is using a CD player. As for the middle and lower types do not.

And for Astra Daihatsu Ayla middle and bottom type using only cans decorated rim hubcap. The ring size 13 rims wrapped in tires 155/80 front and rear.

The weight of the car by 745 kg with dimensions 3.580x1.600x1.530 mm (LxWxH). Wheelbase Ayla stands at 2730 mm, with a 4.4 meter turning radius.

Daihatsu Ayla will be sold at prices ranging from U.S. $ 9,000 to U.S. $ 10,000.

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