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Ford Everest 2013 | Philippines | Asia

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2013 Ford Everest is rumored to be present with a new model next year. Speculative information was revealed by some media in India.

In India, the Ford Everest using the name Endeavour. Serious challenger to Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport will use the new Ford Ranger.

Rendering photographs have also been circulating, no different from the model before the latest Ranger. Reportedly no longer in the stern holding the spare tire as a model now.

As for the interior design of the dashboard will be no different. Reportedly the second and third row bench will be more comfortable with the leg-room is more spacious.

To be equipped kitchen spur 2.2-liter diesel engine-powered 148 hp and the 3.2-liter with 198 hp power.

Ford Ranger and Everest is the one in the One Ford strategy. If the Ranger carries a double-cabin models or single-cabin, while the Everest SUV capable of carrying the 7-passenger.

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